15 novembre 2022
Let’s present Tabsters

Dear reader,

In this short article I would like to introduce Tabsters solutions to you to let you know more about us. Let’s go!

Gisèle Nojean
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Let’s talk about Tabsters!

Tabsters Solutions it’s a French startup, located in Paris: we were created in 2017 by our founder and CEO, Mr. Laurent Bourny.

Until this, nothing extraordinary – just one of a million of startups that are created each year, you may think. For sure, but there is a little thing, that makes a difference – it’s a passion, lot of passion, that followed this creation from 2017! So, let’s have a deeper look on what exactly happened.

Why have I mentioned the passion previously? Oh, yes, it all was about the history of an idea, the idea that determines Tabsters. I will give to you a keyword – simplicity – it’s this one that resumes the following Tabsters idea:

  • to make the complex things – simple,
  • the time-consuming things- easy and automatized,
  • the brought added value- maximal!

It’s quite nice, ambitious objectives, but still where is a passion? It’s underlaying all these objectives, let me show you.

Before Tabsters creation, Laurent have acquired some work experience in financial and defense industries, working on several transversal projects and portfolios, that required a lot of skills and hardworking to provide the attended result. Some of those tasks were highly time consuming, while they have brought the minimum of the added value to the overall work. That is exactly the moment when the passion is entered into the game. Being skilled in the programming and IT engineering, while dealing with some problematics in the transversal portfolio management, Laurent has decided to bring those skills together and to create Tabsters Solutions!

What Tabsters solution exactly is?

So, here we are – Tabsters Solution is a complex product, it’s not only the tool or application, but a full-scaled solution, including Tabsters project and portfolio management, cloud-based tool, that comes with a support and accompanying from our team. You can tell me here – ok, but others do exactly the same! But let me do not agree with you at this time.

While others are selling the licenses with after-sale support or, sometimes, it’s a paid option, Tabsters propose to you the licenses that includes support, and moreover the option to have the accompanying of the change management and onboarding of your teams into the tool, same as the benchmark of the way the other clients use the solution and manage their projects/portfolios.

At the beginning, the solution existed in form of an Excel add-on, featured with multiple project management tools for data consolidation and analysis. For the reporting purposes, the solution was linked to Power Point for creation of the automatized reporting in few clicks. During the 2019 we have progressively developed the SaaS version, with some important upgrades and new functionalities required by our clients. Need to be mentioned that Tabsters Solutions is a co-developed product, new features and updates are decided with our clients. Core features and functionalities remains same for all, but we do some specific developments for the clients to fit their needs in the best way possible.

Well, if you have followed me until this part, you have a clear vision of the idea, the realization, and the further evolution of Tabsters till now. But you may ask – Good, but I know several other tools like this – you are not the only one! Yes, you are right, there are a lot of other tools on the market, starting by the task and team-management tools, and having other well-known professional tools, like MsProject, Jira, etc.

What have we brought, that others don’t have?

1.   We are project/portfolio management tool, that everyone can master.

The goal of the Tabsters is to make all contributors of the project work together, in the same place to never break the information chain – from information input and till it restitution (possible in PDF, PPT and Excel mode).

2.   We diffuse your methodology/framework.

We adapt your private environment to the portfolio/project methodology you have used to/ you want to set in your company, and we will help you to set-up your environment in the way that will help you to drive this change internally. Solution could be adapted to most popular frameworks (agile, lean, waterfall etc.)

3.   We meet the needs of every contributor of the project, on each level.

At each level of the use, the views and navigation will stay simple, structured, and normalized in order to grant to you the quality of the data collected and to help to you to industrialize this data via different indicators and analyze tools.

4.  We give to you the real-time view on your project.

The customizable dashboards will help you to easily visualize your data, to anticipate the issues and risks, same as prevent the delay of your project caused by poor circulation of the information.

5.   We help you to create your reporting in a few clicks

We are related to the most used tools in the companies – Excel and PowerPoint – that allows to easily manage, import/export and report your data with Tabsters. Our library includes hundreds of the available templates to prepare your report, that will be automatically filled with the data from your project/portfolio.

6.  We always stay by your side

Tabsters team support it clients in a continuous way: after sale support, workshops and onboarding of the new client, dedicated account responsible, on-demand specific developments and even more – we want to be sure that our clients get the best possible service.

Finally, the Tabsters solution – it’s not a solution who can do anything you want, to say this it’s not a fair play. We will never try to sell to you the features we don’t have, this is not our goal. Our main goal, as a startup, is to stay honest, flexible, adaptable, continuously improve and update our features and develop new ones with our clients. Our main goal is to grow together!

Next time, I will speak more about the existing API and some use cases in the different industries from our clients. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you are interesting to know more, I will be happy to present Tabsters Solutions to you and to answer your questions! You can visit our site here: tabsters.fr or contact me in PM or by email: dina.dujardin@tabsters.fr


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